SugarSync Version Free

Sync files between all your devices and get automatic backups

Long ago, while working on several devices, you had to manually make sure they were all up to date in order to avoid duplicate files, working on older versions of files, or developing schizophrenia. The same goes for backups – you had to back up the files important to you in a manual manner, wasting significant amounts of time and risking missing important files throughout your backup routines.
Luckily, last week had come and gone. In the meanwhile, advanced and sophisticated services had been developed in order to resolve these issues.
SugarCync is an online service which provides users with storage, synchronization, and sharing capabilities.
In order to use SugarCync you just need to install its application on any computer or device that you work on and that you store information on in order to connect them (it also supports mobile smartphones). Later, simply choose the folders or files you'd like SugarCync to back up or share – and that's that. Now, your information will be up to date and synched on all selected devices. Please note that by default all folders, subfolders, and files are chosen.
For an instance, if you choose to connect both your office PC and tablet, any changes, insertions, deletions or other editing you'll do on your tablet will automatically appear on your office PC.
Using SugarCync storage services you can keep documents, presentations, media files, and basically any file you'll like and access it whenever you need to.
If you prefer not to pay you'll be able to enjoy up to 5 GB of storage space. Should you require additional storage space you can choose one of the premium upgrades.
Its ease of use and helpful wizard alongside its free 5GB storage space make this quite a handy tool.
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